Sunday, January 29, 2012

50 books in 365 days: The Long Goodbye

mission: I'm going to read 50 books in a year? Yep.

strategy: For January, not read anything too challenging.

book: The Long Goodbye by: Raymond Chandler

why?: Raymond Chandler is one of the 1950's best pulp writers, period.

length: 379 pages. I read this one in book form. Not with a Kindle.

5 second book report: Detective Phillip Marlowe (Chandler's reoccurring main character) makes friends with a scarred up, out of luck drunk who's married to a wealthy nymphomaniac. Throughout the story, there are people on the lam, guns, double crosses, switchblades, murders etc. Last year I read Chandler's The Big Sleep and it was a bit better but this one was a fun twisty and turny read. Recommend if you like pulp potboilers.

book score: 3rd book read out of 50.

find it here.

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